a) Firstly, you have to register an account. If the page is not properly loaded, click on “Book Spaces” to load the booking page.
b) Next, select the desired table type or venue as well as the date from the calendar. The available time slots will be shown. 
c) If you already have a member account, login “Book Spaces“. Then, follow the steps in (b).
If your event date is after 90 calendar days, you can call us at Tel:98263347 or email contact@projectcentral.com.sg.

You can make an advance booking for up to 90 calendar days from today’s date. For example, if today is 28 April 2018, you can book any date up to 27 July 2018.

You may choose Cosy 4 which can accommodate up to 4 persons. Our pricing is by the types of table.

a) Pay using Paypal account or Debit or Credit Cards:
For online booking, in the PayPal payment page, you can either “Pay with Paypal” by logging into your PayPal account OR click “Pay with debit or credit card” if you do not have a PayPal account.
b) Cash or Grabpay:
We accept cash as well as GrabPay for payment at the counter.
c) PayNow or Funds Transfer:
For offline booking, you can also scan Project Central PayNow QR code with your PayNow app to make payment. Besides that, if you do not have PayNow, you can make payment via funds transfer using ATMs or Internet Banking. For details, contact us at Tel:98263347.

a) Firstly, your booking is non–refundable once we had processed your payment.
b) For Cosy 2, 4  and Project Studio, you can reschedule if cancellation is made at least 12 hours and 7 calendar days respectively before the session or event date.
c)You can reschedule only once and it is subject to availability. Furthermore, your session or event is to be completed within 90 calendar days upon cancellation.
For details, you may refer to our Terms & Conditions.

We will not extend your booking. The counter staff can help you make a new booking, subject to availability if you wish to continue with the next time slot(s).

Yes. Be mindful of the type of food that you bring in so that we can maintain a pleasant place for everyone.

Currently, we do not provide these services.

Yes, you can bring your own caterer. You have to arrange with the caterer to clear and collect the buffet setup at least 15 minutes before the booking session ends.

Yes. We allow only blu tack or 3M adhesives. You have to remove all the decorations by the end of the booking session.